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Player Name: Zs1
Personal LJ: [livejournal.com profile] overmanzs1
AIM Contact: AIM - OvermanZs1
Character Name: Gainer Sanga
Source Canon: Overman King Gainer
Community Tag: Gainer Sanga

Notes: In this Tomino series, NOBODY DIES!!

Enemy Overmen:
Overman Rushrod - Uses the "Stop Time" Overskill, which emits a purple rainbow. Anything that touches the cloud-like rainbow will have it's time stopped until commanded to be released, or shut down. It also has small canons hidden at the top and bottom of it's wrists.
Dogozzo - Small, bipedial two-manned Silhouette Machines with machine guns and shields.
Overman Power Golem - A yellowish Overman with an overskill that uses insane strength and durability. It spins to make itself immune to attacks, and can even resort to throwing the earth itself, as it carries no weapons
Overman Jinba - A sneaky green Overman that has no weapons of it's own. It's OverSteal skill allows it to pass it's arms through objects and take them with him, including but not limited to: parts, weapons, ammunition, and people!
Dorbek - A bipedal machine that's more armored than the Dogozzo, and has a heavy canon set on it's head.
Overman Planeta - An Overman that looks like a pitcher plant. It projects thoughts from people within a wide radius, and can focus on thoughts to transmit directly to the pilot. IT READS YOUR MIND! It has electrified whips as well.
Overman Black Domi - Much like the red Dominator, it transforms and changes shape. Also uses an electric-looking attack
OverDevil - The final! Overman. Freezes anything it touches and has a massive Photon Mat barrier

Enemy generals/pilots typically refer to King Gainer as the "white", "Yapan", or "long-haired" Overman.

(While this is positioned at the top of the app for our convenience, feel free to add things to it as you go along.)

Background: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overman_King_Gainer
Gainer spent days having skipped school, much to the worry of one of his classmates. Shortly after attaining his "Game Champ" title he tries to go to school again, but due to his name being similar to an Exodus Specialist, as well as suddenly becoming the "Game Champ" he's thrown in jail under "suspicion of executing Exodus". The real specialist appears and manages to drag Gainer along during his escape.

Unwittingly, Gainer follows the specialist, thinking it's simply an escape from jail. On the way Gainer and the specialist confiscate an idle Overman, which Gainer titles "King Gainer" in honor of his gaming accomplishment. As Gainer escapes with the specialist, and picks up the princess of the Domepolis, they trigger the beginnings of an Exodus to Yapon. Several of the Domepolis's "city units" are pulled free and towed along.

Now, thanks to the Exodus specialist, Gainer is stuck, and expected to help the Exodus along with his Overman. However, Gainer already had a pre-existing hate for the Exodus, as his parents were killed because they simply supporters. Since his parent's death, he spent that missed month of school in his room, playing games, and not doing anything to even find the killer.

Personality: Gainer is a typical teenager, that is, no special powers or excellence in anything useful. However, he is a credited, acomplished video game player, even acquiring the title of "King" after 200 consecutive victories. However, to gain this, he'd essentially become a recluse, skipping out on school and and sort of social life. His social skills are slightly stunted, and often comes off as whiny or bratty. Even after cooperating with the Exodus, and returning to school, he'd rather stay to himself in his room, playing his game with others around the world; that is, instead of hanging out with the people potentially next door. Though he does, eventually, warm up to people, he doesn't prioritize them over his game time.

Should someone brag about, or display, a high aptitude for something, Gainer will expect it from them all the time, and throw it back in their face when they make a mistake, or request help. He's especially harsh towards strategists who hesitate or say "What do we do?". But this is just as much thrown back in his face, pushing him to try and prove his worth in his title of "Game Champ" or piloting as the "King". If someone is going to brag about something, or call themselves an expert, Gainer feels they should be able to back themselves up, always.

Having only years, potentially a decade, of gaming experience, Gainer is far from being an Ace pilot. However, it's these skills that give him an ungodly learning curve when it comes to the use of his Overman. After one shaky trial run, Gainer becomes a quick master of his Overman's skill, and potentially gives it multiple Overskills, where others only get one. Using his gaming skills, he finds that enemies and allies alike have their tendencies, and can work around them on his own, making strange use of some of King Gainer's skills.

Gainer doesn't fight for anything beyond debt and peer pressure. Obtaining King Gainer was a stroke of bad luck and events that "changed his life without permission.", and thanks to the person that got him caught up in it all, he sticks around the Exodus until that person pays him back for what's happened. But until that happens, he declares the stolen Overman as his own, and gets upset when anyone else uses it. Because he's the best with King Gainer, it's expected of him to use it to protect the Exodus. Though it might look and sound like he's okay with piloting, even as similar as it is to his games, the necessity always comes at the worst time for him. He just bottles up the irritation and saves it for those who are the root of the inconvenience.

Capabilities and Resources: Gainer holds the title of "King" or "Game Champ", which gives him some minor game, particularly with those those who play games, or have easy access to world information.

(*REQUIRED* if you have a robot)
Robot Name: King Gainer
Robot Description: A humanoid looking Overman, with white extensions from it's head that resemble dreadlocks. A Super in the combat sense, it's size and evasive capabilities leave it on the border of Real.

It's standard weapon is the "Chain Gun", a revolver-style gun with a long blade attachment (Much like the famous Gunblade, but, not full of design flaws). The revolver chamber has room for 3 bullets, stored on it's chest and/or leg pockets. The blade has the ability to rotate small blades of photon mat energy, turning it into a chainsaw when necessary. While this one is stored on it's back, it can pull a second from the pocket on the leg. Other weapons include experimental Anti-Overman/Overskill grenades and the second Chain Gun.

What makes King Gainer unique over other Overmen, is that it's Overskill isn't limited to one effect that most Overmen have. While it's OS is typically high speed, Gainer uses this in ways that would suggest that it's skill is something entirely different, such as appearing to stop time, increased physical power, and eventually freezing. As Gainer hones his skill in video games, he teaches King Gainer "Ninpou Karate", or simply ninjutsu, using it's high speed to create after images, and highly improved reaction time. He also unlocks a second Overskill, OverFreeze, which he uses to call forth blizzards, and create special bullets which freeze it's targets! Finally, it reveals an Overskill that no other Overman has, Overheat, which raises the temperature of things, even extending rays of heat from it's tendril-like hair over kilometers of distance. It almost comes down to "what can't it do", though it does clearly have limits.

The Overman's "Photon Mat" is also known as it's flying ring, giving it the ability to levitate. While it appears briefly during take off, it soon vanishes. But Gainer makes extensive uses of this, converting it into both a shield to erase bullets, or even create holes in walls to pass through. Gainer can also project the Photon Mat, throwing multiple rings as weapons when needing to strike in more than one direction. Again, "what can't it do".
Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: B

Upgrades: (if any):
Robot Name: XAN
Robot Description: Xan (synonymous with slash) is an Overman quite akin to King Gainer. Created long before King Gainer, it still looks rather similar, both in structure, and the use of the strange dread-lock style extensions from it's head. Like King Gainer, it's powers are very super, but it's evasive abilities even exceed it's cousin, blurring the line of Super and Real again.

Xan's weapon of choice is a nodatchi, which it can store on it's back, or draw a second from it's knee pouch. it's only other weapon are an innumerable amount of kunai it draws from slight of hand. The mech is very ninja-like in it's techniques, even using hand signs in order to perform ninjutsu-like skills, such as vanishing, replacement techniques, calling lightning, and trapping foes in it's Photon Mat ring.

Like it's cousin, Xan wields multiple Overskills, namely high speed, and duplication. It's high speed greatly exceeds King Gainers, as an attest, it can out fly it's own thrown kunai! However, it doesn't have the same limitless ability King Gainer displays.
Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: S
Sea: B
Space: B

Job: N/A

Suggested Event List:
The canon will begin with the Exodus already in progress. Despite canon, there will only be 3-4 City Units, rather than 10!

Mission 01 : (Episode "Taste of Victory is Taste of Kiss") (timestop Exodus)
Cast: Gainer Sanga
Location: "Siberia"/snow covered field
Enemies: Overman Rushrod, Dogozzo's.
Frustrated with previous losses, Rushrod's pilot, Yassaba Jin calls out for a duel with the Exodus's Overman. But in order to draw him out with proper incentive, Rushrod uses it's "Stop Time" Overskill to lock up the Exodus's lead city unit, causing the others to crash into it from behind. Should Gainer win the duel, time will be resumed for the city unit. During the fight, Rushrod abuses it's Stop Time skill, even for how limited it is while keeping the city unit stopped as well.
The pilot escapes, going MIA, and the remains of Rushrod are collected for later use. Time resumes for the city unit as well.

Mission 02: (Episode "St. Reagan's Assassin" and "You Can't Steal Tears")
Cast: Gainer Sanga
Location: "Siberia"/snow covered field
Enemies: Overman Power Golem, Overman Jinba, Dogozzo's
Officers of Saint Reagan plan to stop the Exodus on a dual front. From the rear, Zakki, piloting the Overman Jinba, begins stealing the Exodus's supplies, using the Overman's OverSteal. While Gainer sorties to take care of this Overman, another white Overman attacks from the front! The Power Golem Overman, piloted by leader Asuham Boone, marches in, using it's heavy durability and strength Overskill. It marches right up to the lead city unit, lifts it, and throws it over 100 feet, landing it off axis! But with this, it's Overcoat breaks, leaving the Overman exposed to damage!
After defeat, once again, the pilots flee, and the Overmen's remains are collected for later use. At this point, they'll have to find some way to pull the city unit upright, otherwise the Exodus is stuck.

Event 02.5: (Episode: Hell's Marathon Relay)
To relive the stress of the civilians on the Exodus, the leaders of the Exodus plan for an athletic festival. Nothing more than standard track-and-field competitions, that ends with a marathon across the city units.
To make this as funny as canon, let's try to have a flat-chested and busty girl run as the team's anchors. Winner wins by bust size! :P

Mission 03: (Episode "Transfigure! Dominator!)
Cast: Cynthia Lane, Gainer Sanga?, Adette Kissler?
Location: Near a city
Enemies: Under Golems, Overman Dominator?
Cynthia, Gainer's online BFF and only gaming competition, is in town, under orders to take care of some rebel Saint Reagan officers. The problem, is she isn't discriminating expressing if she's ally or enemy. Gainer, knowing his friend is in the city nearby, decides to go out and see her, only to get caught up in the action.
Alas, the two fight it out, never knowing who the other pilot is.

Thanks to some additional escort power, the Exodus arrives at Yapon safely, and early! Not caring enough to be there, Gainer joins up with the flagship. Gain can come too since his job is probably done now.

Mission 04: (Episode "The World Without Lies")
Cast: Gainer Sanga, Cynthia Lane?, anyone IN LOVE with someone else
Location: "Yapon", passing by the Exodus (just visiting)
Enemies: Overman Planeta, Dorbek
Out to disrupt the peace that the Exodus is trying to make, Siberian Railway sends an Overman that can project the thoughts of people to others. Fighting this Overman is harder than most, as it can read the thoughts of all those who fight against it, making it nigh-impossible to hit.
But Gainer has the ultimate solution: confessing his love! Irritating the pilot with his loud, dominant declaration, the Overskill is shut off. Without it, the Overman is barely above average.
Like before, the remains of this Overman are collected for later use.

At this point, there's enough spare parts and Overman bits that the previously collected Overmen can be reassembled and used by whomever feels they can handle the controls and unleash their Overskills. (This means, anyone without a mech, or castmates without Overmen can start using the Rushrod, Power Golem, Jinba, and Planeta)

Mission 05: (Episode “You Can’t Win In Katez”)
Cast: Gainer Sanga, Cynthia Lane
Location: “Katez” (it’s a city, yo!)
Enemies: Overman Dominator
Finally, Gainer gets to meet his online BFF/(possible crush) in person at an arcade, just as she gains the title of “Game Champ” herself (or Game Queen). While running around the city, it comes time for Gainer to head back. He offers to take Cynthia with him, but she decides to reveal that she’s the pilot of the Dominator!, never mind she’s presently working for the Siberian Railway. Excited to see her friend, she’s damned and determined to have a real Overman battle with him. As they get heated up in battle, King Gainer a totally new style of Overskill, as well as “ninpou karate” training. The duel draws to a close with Gainer getting seriously injured inside the cockpit, making Cynthia realize something terrible...

Mission 06: (Episode "Overman's Darkness")
Cast: Gainer Sanga, Adette Kissler, Cynthia Lane
Location: Siberia (suddenly blizzard)
Enemies: Dogozzo, Overman Black Domi, guest appearance by the OverDevil
After recovering from his injury, Gainer heads out to try and talk to Cynthia. Meanwhile, Adette opts to lead a direct assault on the Siberian Railway. During the battle, the head of the Siberian Railway, Kidz Munt, arrives with new production Overmen in tow, which begin attacking Cynthia, sulking nearby. Oddly, while trying to fend off the Black Domi from Cynthia's red Dominator, King Gainer begins slowing down and glowing, while a blizzard starts up. During the fight, Cynthia's Dominator is dragged away, as a monstrous new Overman hovers onto the scene. Cynthia's Dominator is thrown into the belly of the Overman, as the bilzzard intensifies. With enough Black Domi to get in the way, the new, giant Overman drifts off with Cynthia in tow...

Infodump 06.5
The Yapan Exodus requests a meeting, claiming to have information on these bizarre blizzards. Upon pick up, the 5 Wise Men, leaders of the Exodus, declare that the strange Overman is the "Over Devil", an ancient, sealed away Overman that was related to part of the "great disaster" in Siberian textbooks. It's revival was wrought about by Kids Munt, head of Siberian Railway, who was raising Cynthia to become it's pilot, the Ice Queen. King Gainer has a relation to the OverDevil as well, created with similar concepts in mind in order to aid in it's sealing. As long as the OverDevil roams free, the world will begin to freeze entirely.
In addition, the Wise Men have agreed that the lands of Yapon are impossible to inhabit at this time, and would like to travel with the others again. Some work on the City Units and the Flying City of Yapon can be born! (cheer)

Mission 07: "Executor" (Derived from SRW Z Special Disc)
Cast: Gainer Sanga
Location: Any
Enemies: Black Overman "Xan", any previously encountered and unmanned mecha
Another Ancient Overman awakens, but this one isn't a particular menace. It does appear to rig a signal to take over machines with particular kinds of computers, and puts them under it's own will. This builds into a force that comes to attack King Gainer! The lead machine, a black Overman similar to King Gainer, has Gainer confused for the OverDevil, and plans to stop him.
Once it's defeated, it identifies itself, and the will it once had fades, leaving a whole new Overman for Gainer to pilot!

Infodump 07.5
Gainer discovers that the idea of the "Overman" is that it can go beyond it's own capabilities. Attaining this state is called "Oversense." To attain this, Gainer starts a serious training regime; which centers around getting his "Game King" title back (he lost this, having lost to Cynthia), and exceeding it!

Mission 08: (Episode "Overmax" and "Inside Ice")
Cast: Gainer Sanga, Adette Kissler, Cynthia Lane?
Location: Any (instant blizzard anyway)
Enemies: Overman Black Domi, Overman Dominator (Asuham) OverDevil, Previous Overmen (Illusions, and lame at that)
Gainer begins his training, taking on all challengers in his game, from the cockpit of King Gainer! However Black Domi begin to attack, led by Asuham in Cynthia's Dominator, forcing Gainer to fight in real time and in the game! During the battle, the OverDevil (registered as Cynthia Lane to anyone playing the game) joins the game, but soon, appears in real time as well! As Gainer works his way back to 200, Black Domi fall under the OverDevil's control, and begin to turn into previous Overmen!
Taking down the OverDevil and thinking he's won, Gainer goes to retrieve Cynthia, but finds that he, and King Gainer are swallowed up by the OverDevil as well!

King Gainer and Gainer are GONE! If they're seen again before the last mission,he's there taunting them, showing off that he's become one with the OverDevil and, like Cynthia, is iced over. More information from the Wise Men reveals that the Siberian Railway's tracks are muscle engines, designed to spread the OverDevil's OverFreeze all over the world (or, at least all over Siberia, and Yapon.
But getting Gainer back is just as important. Perhaps reaching out to him will bring him back to his senses. The easiest way is abusing the Planeta's Overcoat and Overskill

Mission 09: (Episode "Gain Over!") King Gainer Finale
Cast: Gainer Sanga, Cynthia Lane, Adette Kissler. Someone, anyone should wear the Planeta OvercoatO
Location : Leeman Megalopolis
Enemies: OverDevil, Gainer Black Mail
Everyone's just in time to stop Gainer and the OverDevil from freezing everything! Finding this attempt annoying Gainer merges with an Overcoat and begins flying!, while Cynthia pilots the OverDevil.
As people reach out to Gainer, and remind him of the good times, and that he's not just good for piloting King Gainer. When enough damage is done to open the OverDevil's belly, Gainer and Cynthia finally come to their senses. Retaking King Gainer, they join the battle and finish the OverDevil off with one last Overskill: OVERHEAT!

Sample Post: http://testrun-box.livejournal.com/227927.html
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